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Sunday, January 15, 2006

BC06 II: Lazy Sunday

I think we Brunch Clubbers can relate to the official title of this high-larious SNL sketch, "LAZY SUNDAY" [also known as "THE CHRONIC(what!)LES OF NARNIA"].

Check it here.

Note the shoutouts to Magnolia Bakery and Google Maps, as well as such bon mots de bling as "Girl actin like she never seen a ten befo" and "call us Aaron Burr from the way we droppin Hamiltons." Fabu.

This lil video gem also ties in nicely with one of today's Brunch Club conversation topics: funniest SNL sketches of all time. Based on an informal poll at the South end of the table at 44&X today, the greatest SNL "ads" in history include:

* Chameleon XLE (luxury sedan disguised as a clunker)
* Thong Baby Diaper (to eliminate unsightly "diaper line")
* Hypnotist on Broadway ("It was amazing" "Better than Cats")


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