Brunch Club

Monday, March 27, 2006

Yum Yum Dim Sum In My Tum

Brunch Club hits Chinatown....

Good times, and good turnout, especially considering the cumulative volume of alcohol absorbed, and raucous revelry indulged in, on Friday and Saturday nights....

...speaking of which... Annette gets BC06 Gold Star of the week for taking on her very own "Project Runway"-esque fashion challenge in order to join us for brunch. And she conquered it with grace and flair! Just look at that minty green color coordination!

BC Boyeez!
...anyone recognize the woman behind them? Yes, indeed, that is the waitress who maniacally cackled to herself while totaling our bill, leading us all to have heart palpitations and anxiety about the fact that we could never, ever, in a million years prove that those Chinese stamps did NOT add up to $47 per person. A sigh of relief was breathed when it turned out to be $10 a head. Erica, we owe you $1.

Jason and Linnea, Special Guest Stars!

It was a Star-Studded Brunch!

Some of us were disappointed by the lack of Famous, and comforted ourselves with treats from a nearby bakery.

BOTTOM LINE: Brunch should be served from rolling carts more often.


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