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Monday, January 30, 2006

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hi everyone! we had an awesome weekend here in boston with our special guest, annette, who is a dynamic woman in business. after an evening of bowling at boston's high class Boston Bowl (where lee and annette purchased the most lovely gift for me, pics to come soon) and an... interesting...dinner of pizza and shrimp cocktail sauce, we didn't want to overdo it with brunch. so we went and had a delicious brunch ever at the Fireplace in Brookline. our meals were excellent (complete with biscuit girl and biscuit girl redux!) - we started off with a parsnip soup with an apple glaze, and annette and lee both had something crispy, and i snuck lots of tastes when lee wasn't looking.

in all, it was a great weekend, and it was excellent to see you, annette!

this tea had healing powers

can i get some ketchup and mustard for this salad?


  • for those who can't tell - my shirt clearly says (in glitter) brooklyn and was a BC05 holiday gift. the glitter got pretty much everywhere in its first showing for BC06 - but it certainly made the crispy duck hash and the crispy waffle taste that much better!

    By Blogger Annette, at 1/31/2006 10:29:00 AM  

  • it looks like you all had a delightful weekend. now i am jealous of a boston trip retroactively (last weekend) and futuristically (next weekend), as i just simply can't do it. :( thanks for the pics and glad to know that love for the brunch lives on in boston.

    By Blogger SaraS, at 2/01/2006 09:09:00 PM  

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