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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

west coast brunch woes

Happy New Year, BC dudes and dudettes. I am happy to be back in New York after a wonderful week in the Pacific Northwest. Although I was content with the nine feet of snow on the beautiful and volcanic Mt. Hood (pictured) that fulfilled all my ski cravings, I must say that the west coast brunch options in no way live up to our fine standards. Although I faithfully returned to all my favorite Seattle coffee spots -- the reliable Victrola, the incomparable Vivace, and the exciting newcomer Tip Top Doughnuts -- there seems to be a pandemic lack of sufficient a.m. dining spots throughout the far west of this great nation. Sure, the coffee is fantastic (New York coffee wishes it could be so good), but I have come to realize that there simply is no brunch equivalent. And frankly, installing wi-fi access in every eating establishment does not compensate for a lack of Eggs Benedict. We should all be thankful for the rich bounty of brunch spots that we are so lucky to have here at home. God bless.

Where are we off to this Sunday?


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