Brunch Club

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Au revoir!

Brunch clubbers! I am so sorry to say that I can't make it to brunch this Sunday. I will be in Toronto talking shrinkery but will be missing you greatly.

Love, Yoni

Thursday, May 11, 2006

French Roast Encore

This was an extremely witty and entertaining Brunch, so I hope that the Comments will reflect some of those moments.


The Crew!

Adam, our Birthday Boy!

We're not really sure what's going on with Kate here...but the omelettes were delish!

Ah, at last... the famed Cafe Au Lait... Lux, are you out there??? Actually, mine was a mocha. They were things of beauty!

Speaking of beauties, check out the Brunch Club Babes, Annette & Kate!

And our Special Guest Star du Jour, the one & only Aaron, took home the door prize bacon! Literally! Bacon and eggs! That are bandaids! Ahhahahhaa! What a clever, clever door prize!

Aaron loves the piggy bonus prize. Literally a door prize inside a door prize. Phenomenal.

well, guys, looks like I'm out of the BC loop for a little while, as I'm going home for Mothers' Day. (not to Home on Cornelia Street... in fact, when I inquired last week about reservations for this week, the maitre d' there said, "May 14? As in Mothers' Day?!?" Oh, that charming maitre d'! He's just too much! But yeah, heads up that the hot spots will be hella crowded....)

And then I have 3 bridal/wedding type things. Crikey, my next BC isn't till June 10! Good grief! I might develop some type of unsightly palsy! We really might have to do a Tuesday Brunch somewhere! Please, post and post often to keep my twitching at bay. Also, hottt pix from Adam's bday party forthcoming.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Where Have All the Clubbers Gone?

I know times are hard. Gas prices are up and the bird flu is flying this way, but why neglect the brunch club blog in this time of uncertainty? It is precisely in these instances when we need to cling to what we hold dear. Myself, I cling to honey-flavored peanut butter straight from the jar mixed with chocolate ice cream.... and brunch club.

Cling with me. Post on the blog. Invite me places.