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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Monday, January 30, 2006

brunch club satellite office

hi everyone! we had an awesome weekend here in boston with our special guest, annette, who is a dynamic woman in business. after an evening of bowling at boston's high class Boston Bowl (where lee and annette purchased the most lovely gift for me, pics to come soon) and an... interesting...dinner of pizza and shrimp cocktail sauce, we didn't want to overdo it with brunch. so we went and had a delicious brunch ever at the Fireplace in Brookline. our meals were excellent (complete with biscuit girl and biscuit girl redux!) - we started off with a parsnip soup with an apple glaze, and annette and lee both had something crispy, and i snuck lots of tastes when lee wasn't looking.

in all, it was a great weekend, and it was excellent to see you, annette!

this tea had healing powers

can i get some ketchup and mustard for this salad?

The Last BC06 of January

With some members traveling to exotic Northeastern locales and others engaged in academic pursuits, this Sunday’s BC06 was an intimate affair. Erica, Sara, Yoni, Yoni’s cousin Dana and myself were in attendance. Because Kate, our resident Aussie, was not brunching, authenticity prevented us from dining at the Sunburnt Cow as planned. Instead, we headed to nearby Esperanto for a Latin-inspired meal. While not the most delicious brunch we have experienced, Esperanto gets points for its very reasonable price ($9.99 for coffee/drink/entrée). Aside from its thriftiness, this Sunday’s BC06 was notable because Yoni came out to his cousin, who was in town from Israel. Dana responded to his revelation supportively, but also noted, hilariously, that Yoni was “putting a lot of pressure on [her] uterus”. Other topics of conversation included the GMAT, bootleg luxury goods and the previous night’s drunkeness.

So who’s going to Boston next weekend? Yoni and I will be taking the Chinatown bus up Saturday morning. BC06 does Boston! Good times!

Friday, January 27, 2006

BC06 Planning Emergency!

OK BC06ers who are in for this Sunday, we need to get our act together. Now that the Sunburnt Cow is out, where will we brunch?! I'm gonna vote for somewhere in the East Village since its close to LaMaMa and Matty B's play. Any ideas?

High Culcha (2)

Unrelated to brunch, but while we're on the topic of culcha: I went to the opening last night for a show of David Shapiro's work (friend of my roommate), and I highly recommend checking out his fantastic watercolors of famous people. Titles of these paintings: "Lady with a Kinkajou: Paris and Babyluv" and "Madonna and Child of the Future: Angelina and Maddox." At Kathleen Cullen on 26th st.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

High Culcha

This Sunday after we brunch, Yoni, Erica and I are going to see "Harvest" at LaMaMa Experimental Theater on East 4th St. Not only does this play look good, but Matt Bockelman, who is a BC significant other (Xtine's) and roomate (mine), did the video for it. Also, he took the pretty promotional photo displayed above. Ya'll should come with us to get your weekly dose of high culcha. We're going to the 2:30 show. You can go here to get tix-

Monday, January 23, 2006

bizarro brunch club

The Brunch Club. They even have a "xtine." Wha happened?

Saturday, January 21, 2006

BC06.2 photographic recap (belated)

It really was a special one. Special Guest Stars Pam, Sarah, and Erica's Mom all added some flava to the mix. The door prizes followed our long tradition of re-gifting unwanted items. And the cheddar cheese grits were pretty damn tasty. What more could we ask for?

Christmas, Laziness, and Moscow

My beloved bruch clubbers,
It has taken me sometime to post on the blog but now I am in full gear. Sorry for the delay.
As requested, here are the images of Yoni and Adam in their Christmas sweaters.
As my Mom always says, "better late then never".

School started yesterday and I am in the LOT-EK studio which will be going to Moscow and St Petersburg in March. I will make sure to do a special Moscow brunch post and bring back some fantastic door prizes.

I will see you all at brunch tomorrow.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Congratulations Brunch-Style

A big congratulations to our to most recently impressive brunch-club-yuppies-in-training. Annette got a new job (so I'm told) and Paul got in to Harvard. I am both so Impressed. Forbes & Harvard. I think you guys should pay for brunch this weekend. Could our little group be more impressive? I think not. Fuck all the other brunch clubs, they do not have as many intials behind their names (we'll even have an esquire in a year or two).

Because I don't know my 401(k) from my hot brunch spots, I'll just throw out two previously mentioned names for brunch this weekend to get the controversy started.
Miriam (Park Slope)
Essex House (I used the context clues to figure out where this one was. See, I'm on my way)

Also, as I was taking three things down to the trash this morning, I realized that rather than putting them there I could give them away on Sunday, so be prepared! I think Annette's bringing something so maybe I'll wait, but not too long. One of the is a brunch club re-gift! Exciting!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

back in new york city y'all

Hey everyone - I'm back from El Paso with a present for my fiance... Let's plan a brunch so I can give it to him! Any ideas? I heard last week was great so it will be hard to beat, but come on, someone has to like me as much as they like Christine!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

BC06 II: Lazy Sunday

I think we Brunch Clubbers can relate to the official title of this high-larious SNL sketch, "LAZY SUNDAY" [also known as "THE CHRONIC(what!)LES OF NARNIA"].

Check it here.

Note the shoutouts to Magnolia Bakery and Google Maps, as well as such bon mots de bling as "Girl actin like she never seen a ten befo" and "call us Aaron Burr from the way we droppin Hamiltons." Fabu.

This lil video gem also ties in nicely with one of today's Brunch Club conversation topics: funniest SNL sketches of all time. Based on an informal poll at the South end of the table at 44&X today, the greatest SNL "ads" in history include:

* Chameleon XLE (luxury sedan disguised as a clunker)
* Thong Baby Diaper (to eliminate unsightly "diaper line")
* Hypnotist on Broadway ("It was amazing" "Better than Cats")

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

the enumclaw horse

For Lee, and any others who may be interested in what I learned about while visiting Washington state.

Really makes great brunch conversation.

The Seattle Times

The Stranger

BC06 Wishlist & Recap

At the end of this week I'm planning to post BC06's Brunch Wishlist, a compilation of brunch spots we all want to check out. We've got some good suggestions so far, but if any of you have places you want included, holla in the comments.

A few take-away points from the first BC06:
1) Eating at the bar is hip and fun, provided the group is small enough. It also allows BC06'ers to do abdominal workouts throughout the meal.
2) Scarlett Johansson is a curvaceous temptress, but might be played-out
3) Having intimate horse-human relations can be deadly (Adam may have a link for this one)
4) Public is very well-designed and has excellent lighting
5) Annette got tan/dirty over vacation
6) Erica has the cellphone of a Texas football legends

Is everyone else as excited as I am about Christine's visit this weekend?

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

not quite brunch, but isn't this a nice picture?

i didn't have brunch this weekend, but i did play Apples to Apples with Lee, who pulled the "Creepy" card - thought you all might enjoy this pic, and that it might inspire him to post as well. wish i had my camera with me on saturday night when lee hit on two girls at the dance club we went to!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

And More....

Brunch at Public

Thursday, January 05, 2006

BC06 I: Brunching in the New Year

Where are we dining this Sunday? Let's start a dialogue in the comments section of this post.

Also, if you guys make suggestions about brunch spots you want to check out in 2006, I'll compile a list and we can make it our New Years resolution to go to all of them. I'll kick it off: HSF (Chinatown dim sum), Miriam (new middle eastern/israeli place in Park Slope), Public (Nolita).

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

west coast brunch woes

Happy New Year, BC dudes and dudettes. I am happy to be back in New York after a wonderful week in the Pacific Northwest. Although I was content with the nine feet of snow on the beautiful and volcanic Mt. Hood (pictured) that fulfilled all my ski cravings, I must say that the west coast brunch options in no way live up to our fine standards. Although I faithfully returned to all my favorite Seattle coffee spots -- the reliable Victrola, the incomparable Vivace, and the exciting newcomer Tip Top Doughnuts -- there seems to be a pandemic lack of sufficient a.m. dining spots throughout the far west of this great nation. Sure, the coffee is fantastic (New York coffee wishes it could be so good), but I have come to realize that there simply is no brunch equivalent. And frankly, installing wi-fi access in every eating establishment does not compensate for a lack of Eggs Benedict. We should all be thankful for the rich bounty of brunch spots that we are so lucky to have here at home. God bless.

Where are we off to this Sunday?

The People Oustide My Office are Playing with a Stapler

I am so unhappy to be back at work today after two different vacations that I wanted to start talking about brunch.

Also, can we ever go to that place where Billy & Kate were served by a family whose mom had died and had a bunch of rules?

Monday, January 02, 2006

happy 2006

hey everyone! just got back from a New Year's weekend in VT. we had a lovely time - erica went cross-country skiing, made mimosas for everyone, and then passed out in the hot tub. the rest of us welcomed the new year in with a quiet sudoku and puzzle. in all, we had a wonderful time - but of course i miss you all! best wishes to you... and here's hoping that 2006 brings as many lovely brunches as 2005!

Regional Brunching Varieties: SoCal Edition

Yoni and I are back from sunny Southern California and are excited to resume brunching NYC style. While in the Woody family homeland of San Diego (actually, the northern suburbs, but whatever) we were treated to brunches that incorporated regional flavor, including lots of citrus. A special treat came in the form of Jane Woody's famous juevos rancheros, which involve Rice-a-Roni instant Spanish Rice. Also, you'll all be happy to know that my mom refers to us as "the Brunch Bunch" and my dad thinks we are an "interesting and fun crew" based on the holiday party pictures.

So where will the first BC06 be held?