Brunch Club

Monday, June 19, 2006

The Royal Mystery Players (excerpt)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Finger-Lickin' Good Times

No, Lee, that was not meant to have a double meaning, but simply to celebrate last weekend's special Brunch Club at the Big Apple Backyard Barbeque. In attendence were Lee, Adam, me, Sara and special Brunch Club guests Lilly, Matt, Pat, Will, and Sara G. Some of us learned a little tai chi, some of us drank some chai tea, and we had a lovely day - no one left hungry. We missed everyone who was getting married/marrying people off, and we especially missed Billy, but you were with us in voicemail-spirit.

here are some highlights:

someone forgot to tell pat about wearing green to a barbeque. sorry.

this hat was free!

the lovely sisters.

a toast from our guest star!! also, adam, i want my people magazine back.

brunch club is the best.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Anyone Out There?

Hey Brunchers - I miss you!
I know we've all been busy thinking about America and being patriotic on Memorial Day etc... But it's time to get back in business. And we need to do what we do best - brunch.

I propose a brunch club picnic in the park this Sunday in order to celebrate summer, the limited return of a founding member and the last few good months we have with several departing members. Feel free to invite the uninitiated new member-in-training as well as other potentials and/or friends and loved ones - the park is a big place and we don't need a reservation.

If you're down - let's all figure out how we can potluck it up.